Middle School Band Students and Parents:

Families often have questions about music opportunities for students at Aloha High School. This flyer provides an overview of those opportunities and includes a calendar of events for students and parents.

Curricular and Extra-Curricular Music at Aloha

Music courses offered at Aloha vary from year to year depending upon enrollment. Recent offerings have included Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and AP Music Theory. Detailed course descriptions may be found in the Aloha Academic Program Guide. These academic courses are the curricular portion of music at Aloha. Each year, band students have the opportunity to compete in solo competition and audition for honor bands through the Oregon Music Education Association and OSAA.

WBAPI extra-curricular music and dance opportunities at Aloha are optional and some require additional fees. They include Marching Band, Winter Percussion, Winter Guard, Musical Theater Pit Orchestra, and Pep Band.

Band Curriculum & Forecasting for Freshman

Most freshman instrumental music students enroll in Symphonic Band. When filling out their first high school forecast sheet in 8th grade, students will select Symphonic Band. Percussionists should forecast for Wind Ensemble. Enrollment in Wind Ensemble requires an audition with the Aloha band director. Students attend band class like any other class. Symphonic band students usually perform in three concerts per year, a band festival, a parade, and Aloha’s graduation. Symphonic Band students are also expected to participate in the Football Pep Band, requiring attendance at all . A few rehearsals may be held outside normal class hours. It is possible to take band all four years, meet all graduation requirements, and take AP classes, if desired.

Marching Band

The Aloha marching band is an exciting, competitive show band. The band performs at home football games, marches in parades, and competes at band competitions. Joining the marching band is a great way to become involved at Aloha. The band provides an opportunity to make friends from all grade levels, gain confidence from performing and competing, earn a varsity letter, and boost school spirit. As with any rewarding activity, marching band requires a time commitment. Band camp is at school at the end of August. During the fall, there are practices and performances each week with competitions on several Saturdays. The season ends by early November. All Band students are encouraged, but not required to be in the marching band. Option school students living within the Aloha attendance area may also join the marching band. There are participation fees for marching band.


If you have any questions, please contact Band Director Ashley Alexander: Ashley_alexander@beaverton.k12.or.us

8th Grade Calendar of Band Events at Aloha

We encourage 8th grade students and parents to explore the curricular and extra-curricular instrumental music and dance opportunities at Aloha High School. This chart provides an overview of events that you may be interested in attending. Events and dates may vary from year to year. The current calendar and additional information can be found on our website, www.alohahighschoolband.org.

Please provide us with your email address so that we can remind you about these events throughout your 8th grade year. Contact info may be sent to secretary@alohahighschoolband.org

September – 8th Grade

·         AHS Marching Band & Pep Band performs at home football games



·         8th grade fly-up night – a free ticket to a home football game to join the Pep Band and watch the marching band field show



·         Jazz band performs at Aloha Tree Lighting


·         Aloha Band Concert



·         8th grade fly-up night – a free ticket to a home basketball game to join the Pep Band



·         Aloha Curriculum Night: forecasting for high school band class

·         Play-A-Thon for middle and high school band students



·         Aloha Band Concert (February or March)

·         Aloha Musical (featuring the Pit Orchestra)




·         Registration begins for Fall marching

·         Aloha Band Concert



·         Aloha Concert in the Park


August – Marching Band Season Begins

·         Final registration day and uniform fitting

·         2 week band camp for all marchers

Save the dates!

If you plan to participate in marching band, please do not make other plans for the second half of August!


September – 9th grade

·         First day of high school – Start Band Class!