Questions & Answers about the changes to Aloha Band

Is it true? Is Mr. A really leaving?
Yes, Mr. Alexander has been offered the opportunity to lead the band program at Westview High School beginning this Fall.

What will happen to band at Aloha now?
Band will go on! The director is an important part of the band, but the musicians, student leaders, support staff, parents, and administration are all committed to having a great band program! We are starting to receive applications for the position, and we know that qualified candidates are applying. Mr. Yarnell will lead the interviews on Monday, July 24, and the interview committee will include the president of the booster group, the drum major, and the president of the band council. After the interview day, we will have a sense of whether the right candidate for Aloha is available or if we need to have an alternate plan. Watch for more information that week.

What will happen with…
Jazz Band? Aloha will continue to have jazz band. We understand that many students had trouble forecasting for jazz band because it is a 0 period – please email if you would like to participate in Jazz Band next year so we can be sure you’re registered. Once we know how many students plan to participate, a decision can be made about whether there will be one or two jazz bands. How that process will work will be communicated when school starts in September.
Wind Ensemble? There will not be new tryouts for Wind Ensemble this fall. If you Mr. A. placed you in Wind Ensemble in the Spring, that will be your class this year.
AP Music Theory? If you forecasted for this class, it will remain on your schedule. The school will make sure that there is an AP-certified teacher for the class.
Marching Band? Marching Band will continue – students received their music before the end of the school year – hopefully you’ve been practicing all summer and will have your music memorized by the time band camp starts. We should have the drill before band camp starts, so we can focus on formation and musicality.
Marching Band Camp and Performances? The schedule for band camp will be changing, and we will let you know the final schedule as soon as possible. A few things we do know:
• There will be no band camp on Monday, August 21.
• We will not be going to Camp Rilea in August
• The pep band will be performing at the first home football game (Friday, September 1), but no field show because it is before school starts
• The Peninsula Classic competition in Silverdale is on hiatus this year. We are looking for an appropriate competition to replace it in the schedule.

What other questions do you have? Post them here, or email and they will be addressed in our next post!


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